fredinsteadd (fredinsteadd) wrote in whedonverse_rpg,

we are the book squad

Fred leads Giles and Ethan up to the library, followed by the guards assigned to keep Ethan on his best behavior.  She pulls out her cell phone and calls Wesley.  After leaving a short message about meeting in the library, she enters the place, taking a reflexive deep breath. 

"That table," she says, pointing, " Has information on the Juris, before he was sent away.  These," she says, pointing at a long counter, "are scrolls about Wolfram and Hart, where we're looking for any pre-existing interaction with the Juris.  And those," she adds, nodding her head, "Are the books we think reference the Juris but haven't gotten to yet."

The third pile is by far the largest, almost comically so, if things weren't so serious.
Tags: buffy, devils you know, ethan rayne, faith, fred, giles, lilah, lindsey mcdonald, spike, wesley, willow, xander
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